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Hardwood Flooring Services

At Bones Wood Floors, we delight to serve you for all your wood flooring needs. If you would like to get a new hardwood floor installed in your home or office on Maui or a neighboring island, then we would be honored to provide the floor you desire. If you are lucky enough to have wood floors in your Maui home already, then you can trust us to bring the life back into this beautiful feature on your property. Whether you want new hardwood floors or to get your old wood floors refinished, the staff at Bones Wood Floors would be privileged to aid you with your specific needs. From Oak to Tigerwood flooring and anything in between, we can enhance and revive any wood floor surface. We are able to provide you with decades of experience coupled with the latest technology, to provide you with the utmost quality hardwood flooring.

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Hardwood Flooring ready to be installed in a Maui home

Hardwood Installation

At Bones Wood Floors, we know that installing a new wood floor in your Maui home or office can be a big decision, so we evaluate the jobsite for potential problems before the installation begins. We take the time to thoroughly inspect every aspect of your home or office to insure we give you the highest quality possible. During our preliminary check we confirm that the subfloor is level, without any peaks or valleys. We also verify that the subfloor is free of moisture, dust, squeaks, and any structural issues. Our staff at Bones Wood Floors couples the decades of experience and compliance with NWFA guidelines to bring the finest hardwood flooring installation. Our hardwood flooring installation is equipped with an expansion gap to provide you with the finest flooring that will last for the duration of your home or business.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors in Maui home

Flooring Refinishing

Restoring the hardwood floors in your property is a cost effective home improvement that will vastly improve the look and feel of your environment. A restoration from us is just the thing your hardwood floors need to make them shine like new again. Whether your home or commercial space is located on Maui or a neighboring island, let Bones Wood Floors transform your hardwood flooring. The following are the steps that we will take when refinishing your hardwood floors.

Step One: We sand the floors with our dustless equipment to remove as many scratches as possible. We will select the grit of sandpaper which is best suited to your specific type of flooring. Depending on how much wear and tear is showing in the flooring and the type of wood used, we will pick the most appropriate fill color to eliminate deep grooves.

Step Two: Coats of finish will be applied to your wood floors to protect the surface from future wear and tear. We then buff the floors and tack them in between coats to achieve the smoothest possible finish. We use environmentally friendly and the highest quality finishes. You can also request an oil finish or a stain, if that is your preference.

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